About Us

Child Health Imprints, Inc. is engaged in the development and application of cutting edge informational and computational technologies including IoT, artificial intelligence machine learning and predictive analytics to the practice of medicine in neonatal intensive care units.


Our objective is making early diagnosis of critical diseases and improving overall quality of neonatal care. The company was founded in 2018 and moved its headquarters from Singapore to the US in 2022 to introduce its products already established in Southeast Asia into North American hospitals.


Child Health Imprints creation derives from a strong commitment of the founders.

Harpreet, Ravneet and Family

Harpreet and Ravneet are a husband and wife team, both accomplished data scientists and researchers. When pregnancy resulted in the birth of preterm twins their world changed irreversibly. One of the twins sadly succumbed to Sepsis while in the NICU but the other survived. Today he is a healthy happy and growing boy.


The life-changing experience of navigating personal emotional turmoil while gaining first hand and extended exposure to the best care a modern NICU could provide led them to seek a better way. An obvious approach was to leverage the data already being collected by applying advances in IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence.  The result is that the founders have given preterm babies a voice they never had by finding a way for the data to speak for them: “the Data Way.”  Now embodied as a commercially available product, Child Health Imprint’s mission is to put iNICU into clinical use in NICUs worldwide.